Artopie Centre de Création Artistique Meisenthal, France, 2014



The main element of the exhibition shows an installation of objects that are connected together by an external electrical network. The electricity is fed from out of the wall into an oil tank, in which it is then transferred into 12 volts. The uninsulated wires are then lead up and hung along and across the walls by masts. The wires are suspended by the steel masts with glass insulators (mouth blown), feeding the objects in the room the electricity needed to function.


The exhibition shows the following projects:


A monitor

revealing a white screen and cursor over which a glass hood is placed containing a swarm of flies.


A 16mm film

is looped as a möbius strip. The 30 second long clip shows the artist at a chess board in which he makes a single move. The projector plays the scene repeatedly, each time mirroring the scene as if the move is made against himself.


A biotope

is a closed glass space containing all the elements needed for life: sterile earth, distilled water, filtered air and artificial light.


A tape recorder

that plays the reading of the Déclaration des droits de l'Homme et du citoyen (Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen). The reading artist being unfamiliar with the French language stutters through the text syllable by syllable being corrected by a tutor, as a child would while learning how to read.


Print I & II

are copies of two biometric recognition projects. A finger print branded with the sentence All the Kings Horses. An ID photo taken within the regulations of biometrics only being upside down.


A pawn chess figure

carved out of the stem of a young tree with roots.


This project is the result of a four month residency in the Artopie in Meisenthal, France. Funded by Stefan Balkenhol and supported through the expertize and execution of the glass factory CIAV Meisenthal.


Many thanks for the support.


Opening 18th October 2014

Duration : 19th - 26 Oktober 2014